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La cuisine tchèque au bon goût de cannabis Depuis le 1er janvier, les Tchèques peuvent posséder de petites quantités de stupéfiants sans être inquiétés. Rien d’étonnant dans un pays où l’herbe fait presque partie de la vie quotidienne, remarque le journaliste polonais Mariusz Szczygiel.

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I have been campaigning for years for legalization of cannabis and Cannabis Seeds Sale in the UK. The best example for legalization in Europe is The Netherlands. The Netherlands has the lowest amount of Cannabis users in % compared to any other European country, proving legalization works. Thousands of users and growers in the UK are still pushed in the criminal circuit because of the current legislation. The UK has a very two fold system buying cannabis seeds online on sites such as http://www.magicdragonseeds.com is legal. These companies sell over 900 strains of marijuana globally as souvenirs… because germinating and growing the seeds is illegal! When looking at the turnover of these companies I can only deduct that growing cannabis is widely done in the UK and Europe! Maybe it is time to decriminalize the sale and growth for personal consumption. This will help fund the stricken UK economy and undoubtedly have a positive impact on the NHS and Police Services

The prohibitionists are slowly becoming outnumbered and, it is to be hoped, silenced. With more enlightened attitudes being displayed by countries as diverse as Portugal, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic progress is clear for all to see. Let people grow their own medicine and grow a wide range of cannabis seeds to suit their particular ailment.

tu chiar nu fumezi iarba?:)) pace! frumos articol!

Mi se pare un articol de prost gust, ridicol si scris de catre un om de pe o alta planeta care nu stie ce inseamna o afectiune adevarata, nu stie cum cannabisul a ajutat foarte multe persoane aflate in suferinta. Eu consum pastile de CBD si ulei, nu cu THC pentru ca nu este legal, dar daca vorbiti cu persoane bolnave o sa vedeti ca toata treaba asta cu “drogatul” nu este chiar asa. Suntem foarte multi care nu suntem interesati sa ne drogam dar dorim o viata sanatoasa si medicina alopata nu este o varianta asa ca apelam la ce ne ajuta cu adevarat si da, cannabisul ajuta fantastic de mult si daca ar fi legal in tara noastra tratamentul intreg cu CBD si THC l-as urma stiind ca ma pot face bine. Cine nu cunoaste si nu a trecut prin anumite probleme nu are sens sa vorbeasca doar asa pentru a se afla intr-o discutie ridicola. Cititi si studiile in domeniu si marturiile pacientilor si pe urma scrieti articole