After the European elections in Estonia: Joys of governing with the far right – VoxEurop (English)

After Estonia’s national elections in March, the far right was admitted to the new coalition government. It has then won a seat in the European parliament. Though the liberal Reform party topped the polls and the rest of the country’s seats remain with the Liberals and Democrats, the Center Party of Prime Minister Jüri Ratas came in third, and far-right incendiary rhetoric continues to disrupt the coalition’s ability to govern.

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La situation estonienne n’a pas l’air simple, mais l’était-elle avant les élections ?

Nationalists are elected if you see the nation threatened. The threat is Europe. Too many wish a we , but mean only themselves .

On cherche toujours le projet européen actuel, et j’ai l’impression que ce ne sont pas les élus du printemps qui vont ensemble en trouver ! qu’en pensez-vous ?