After the European elections in Italy: Why does the country keep turning right? – VoxEurop (English)

Italy has united behind Matteo Salvini’s League to the extent that the party has effectively overtaken Marine Le Pen’s National Rally as the largest contingent in the new rightwing populist group, the European Alliance of Peoples and Nations.

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Italy like Germany tries to be a leader for running as rebuilder in chief of the european order. Salvini is just the figure of this nonsense, because if EU has really a deep need of removal of its institutions, it’s just painless to think one second that one nation-State could be the model for building up a European nation-State convenient to all european citizens. Just three constitutions can be looked as patterns for the next to come USE, and it is without any sort of pleasure I must recognize that the constitution of my own State, France, cannot figure in that list. Austria, Germany and Swiss only can provide to all Europeans examples of federal organization of representative powers that can be effective, transparent and legitime to write down the european constitution of the United States of Europe. Some mistakes remain completely inappropriated, like the very first sentence of the swiss constitution relative to a religious observance to one of the hundreds of religions of the world. Never will the french people give it’s word to such a fundamental text, and never will Irishs too accept a so discriminating definition of being the subject of a state of law. Never will do all muslims of Europe, and despite I’m not a believer of any god or theory, I can just approve their will to obtain, at least, a laicist constitution for USE. During 500 years, my own country knew bloody religion wars and destructions, and it is just when France adopted the principe of separation of churches and State that Frenchs recovered a sort of confidence with the french power. It’s not enough to build up a european State of law, but it’s a condition for Frenchs to accept to sign for a federal organization of powers, what they fear because they ignore. Italians must have a better look on them than they get because of Berlusconi or Salvini’s gesticulations. During 20 years, Italy received 5 millions of Africans, for bad reasons of low cost manpower, but it’s the fact of whole Europe, not just Italy, to have designed Europe as a bad guy of globalization and not as a champion of human rights and equality. Today, it’s like after 2WW, we must forget about the dreams of Roma or the german empire, we must take China as it is and USA or Russia too, take the very stupid Boris Johnson as a symptoma of the english illness and not as an occasion to hang on the londonish power. But it’s time to say that Ireland must be Ireland, and that Scotland must be Scotland, what they can be if England is sure to be England forever. France has to stop to put oil on the fire of division, it’s right to repeat it, either in UK or in BRD, and the french people perhaps much more than french elites agrees. We aren’t cowards, we accept to play rugby, and once we’ll be champions of the world in that game. Our girls have won the six nations competition, and it’s no reason that one day Greece or Slovakia don’t win it. Sport is the sole very agressive way to support ourselves as therefore companions, and not turn to be intolerant in minds or pratices of power. We, Europeans, like said Primo Levi, have to show to the world we can turn the page of temtpation of imperialism, and we must do it for ourselves too. Salvini or Le Pen are just the negation of that, but we can do it, and every girl or boy of Europe is my sister or brother in arms when she or he says that arms aren’t weapons but muscles to construct the common house. Then; IRA or ETA have just to be mentionned as sad but obliged parts of our history, as thousands of others I canoot list here. Let’s take the better of Europe now, please.

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I fear Muslims will not accept a secular constitution either. Their constitution is the Koran. Either you are religious or not. You can not say the Koran says so but I accept that the Constitution says otherwise. Then you would not be a Muslim. You have many suggestions on how to unite so many different people into one people. The most important is tolerance. Are we tolerating emancipated women and the Muslim image of women? That’s just one of the many contradictions. For all tolerance, people also want to be something. You can say I want 10 and my tolerance is 1. Then you want something that is 10, and you also accept 9 or 11. But you can not say I want 10 and my tolerance is 100. Then you have a lot of tolerance, but you do not want anything. No European wants nothing, everyone wants to be something specific. That allows only little tolerance. What every European wants to be is about being a member of a people. A people that allows everyone to belong is not a people. That is the reason for Salvini, Brexit and, in general, for the growing success of nationalist politicians.