After the European elections in Slovakia: Discussing the far right without empowering it – VoxEurop (English)

The far right in Slovakia has secured an advance in the polls that would have been unthinkable five years ago. Yet coalitions of new parties – including Progressive Slovakia, the party of new president Zuzana Čaputová – are responding well to the fear-mongering that characterizes the latest tide of extremism.

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Politicians in our countries have sat on the principles of democracies or used them for their own needs or projects, without noting that they were fragile and unsecured ! They have (for a lot) preferred their trajectory to the resolution of social or economic problems … Now the populations listen to the populist sirens, or fascists who sing again and rally them … We let do (we : citizens of a certain age who supported them or let them go).

A strange heritage that we leave to new generations !

In countries that have not yet moved to the extreme right, we look at what is happening to our neighbors, like a film on television, without mobilizing ourselves in our own countries, without reacting to the nibbles that occur at home. us ! We will go into the same pot and return 80 years back, in the most alarming and harmful indifference and irresponsibility … (google-translation)

Let’s be honest. We have created a common currency, knowing that this is a common boat where everyone can benefit from one, but one can also hurt everyone. No problem we have said, we are all one Europe and we all have a single European interest. Because that was a lie, it fails. Nobody gave up his national interests. The populists only make it honestly.