Arms trade: Yemen, a European humanitary disaster – VoxEurop (English)

By providing weapons to parties in conflict in Yemen, Europeans have a responsibility in the war that has claimed more than 10,000 lives in four years. In this sense, it is also our disaster, explains H-alter.

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It is this exaggerated sense for responsibility, even guilt, that weakens Europe. And thus also Europe’s influence, which would be in fact a positive one. By far the largest arms suppliers are the USA and Russia. And neither of the two feels guilty. Why should they, they would take the real criminals out of responsibility. Murderers kill with what they have, and they always find means. In the globalized world, there are enough sources that are accessible, no one relies on European weapons. And even if you shut down every source, then the own sources must suffice. Murderers kill. And a toothless Europe will not stop them. If Europe wants to speak a language that also understands murderers, then it has to be strong. For this it would be necessary to have a competitive arms industry. And that, in turn, requires that this industry compete all over the world by selling. Pacifism does not use anything in a world that is not peaceful.