Social media and the European elections: Facebook has become political parties’ main advertiser – VoxEurop (English)

Data shows that in the recent election campaign political parties spent millions of euro on targeted advertising on Facebook. The platform has almost completely replaced meetings and personal contact between candidates and voters.

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Greens should rejoice that political parties communicate with voters electronically; the carbon footprint is thus much smaller than if they had to be driving to every village of their country to meet voters physically and use physical advertising billboards :wink:

The fact that EU politicians have to use American companies to do that, is, of course, sad. Chinese as Russians were able to popularize their own social network variants. EU instead of supporting digital business devotes its time and money to dealing with “global problems” but does not do anything to make EU an attractive destination for innovative business (EU-wide digital services market, friendly legislation, reasonable taxation, EU-wide capital markets that enable venture capital for innovative start-ups, etc.)! Americans have it and therefore these companies are founded in the USA instead of EU.

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I see that critically. Social networks are becoming more and more important for opinion making and have great opportunities to steer them. It is sorted, friends are brought together. That makes isolated bubbles of opinion, whose inmates are usually only faced with the pro of the desired policy. And if they can then choose the same - very practical, too practical.

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